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Are You Facing Multiple DUI Offenses in Georgia? What You Need to Know


Getting a DUI can have a major impact on your life. Lawyer's fees, court fines, driver's education courses, and other expenses associated with a DUI conviction can cost thousands of dollars. A DUI conviction can also mean losing your license, preventing you from getting to work and it can have a big impact on your personal life.

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What to Expect in the Divorce Process


Divorce will divide your assets, settle child custody and cut legal ties to the other party. It's a necessary, often stressful procedure that you'll likely handle better if you're prepared. While Georgia law gives you the right to represent yourself, divorce is a complicated process with laws that affect many steps along the way.

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Divorce and Pet Custody


Dividing assets during a divorce is an arduous and emotional process, especially when pets are involved. If you have pets and are getting divorced, read on.

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The True Cost of a DUI


It was the same story: On the way home, you were pulled over for not using your turn signal to change lanes. The officer smells beer on your breath and arrests you for Driving Under the Influence. What happens now?

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