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How Can a DUI in Another State Impact You in Georgia?

If you have been charged with a DUI in another state, you must act quickly to defend your interests and move forward in productive ways. Restoring your license in Georgia after an out-of-state DUI can be surprisingly complicated. To restore your driving privileges and spare yourself any potential jail time, keep these five steps in mind as you move through the DUI process. 

1. Clearing the Immediate Hurdles

Getting arrested for DUI in a different state can be a disorienting experience. In all likelihood, your license will be taken from you - potentially leaving you stranded in a strange place. Your first priority should be to get home after meeting all of your legal obligations. Taxis, ridesharing apps, public transit, and flying are all safe ways to return to Georgia after a DUI arrest. 

Once you get home safely, you must focus on protecting yourself legally. You will probably have further hearings, court dates, classes, and similar duties in the state of your arrest. Without a working license, meeting those requirements can be a real challenge. In Georgia, you may be eligible for a limited license to comply with the courts.  

2. Understanding Georgia's Interstate DUI Laws

Georgia is one of the few states not participating in the Driver License Compact. This collection of 45 states and Washington D.C. shares driving records between its members, meaning that convictions in one state follow you to the next. This may reduce your sentencing if you are later convicted of a DUI in Georgia, but there are still consequences attached to an out-of-state DUI. 

Although Georgia is not a member of the Driver License Compact, it enforces separate laws governing license suspensions and revocations out of state. If your license is stripped from you in another state, you will need to meet the requirements to have it reinstated there. Only then will you be able to apply for a new license in Georgia. 

Your legal situation in this scenario can grow complicated very quickly. You may need to work with an attorney in both states to fully navigate their different laws and restore your license in a timely manner. Whenever you are dealing with interstate laws, contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible.  

3. Going Over Your Risks and Options

After you have a thorough understanding of your legal position, your attorney will go over the options available to you. DUI sentencing grows less forgiving with each successive charge. A first offense is typically managed through classes, community service, fines, and other relatively light punishments.  

Meanwhile, second, third, or even fourth charges lead to more lasting consequences. These include the permanent loss of your driving privileges and jail time. While it may be impossible to completely drop these charges, you can avoid the harsh penalties of multiple DUIs by fighting a first charge from the start. 

4. Restoring Your Driving Privileges

You will likely need to work with the state of your arrest before moving on to Georgia's licensing policies. Check with a Georgian licensing agent or DMV first to understand your current license status and the steps needed to clear your application. From there, you must make a good-faith effort to meet all courtimposed classes, fines, and service until you are eligible for a license. 

5. Minimizing the Damage of a DUI

Throughout this entire process, you will want an attorney by your side to handle the technical details and fight on your behalf. A DUI is a setback, but it shouldn't limit your ability to make positive changes. Working to lower or even dismiss the charges against you can help you focus on moving forward.

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