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Successful Civil Litigation Attorneys in Albany

In addition to cases involving domestic relations and serious personal injury caused by motor vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks or medical malpractice, general civil litigation can involve business disputes. Attorneys at Brimberry, Kaplan & Brimberry, P.C. are experienced civil litigation attorneys and have handled cases involving many types of civil disputes. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation involving: negligent construction, contract disputes, partnership disputes, business torts, real estate disputes and a variety of other types of civil and commercial litigation. Civil litigation in these areas requires choosing the right strategy from the outset to ensure client success. Before choosing aggressive litigation in court or pre-litigation resolution – with or without mediation – our attorneys will carefully review the facts of your case as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the other party's case and explain all of your options in detail, including the risks of a lawsuit and the costs of litigation. Based on that careful examination and consideration with the client, our attorneys will recommend the strategy that they believe will give the client the best chance for success, and the client will have the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about the representation.

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